How to Make a Smoothie with Yogurt and Frozen Fruit 

 September 23, 2020

By  Diane Miles

If you’re wondering how to make a smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit, there is no set formula for this; but we know that making a well-balanced smoothie that has all the necessary ingredients is not very difficult. Why? Because we will be using frozen fruits and yogurt, both of which are packed with nutrients.

Smoothie Ingredients

So what should a well-balanced smoothie contain? Well, it should have healthy fats, protein, and fruit that is rich in fiber.

Since this article is about how to make a smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit, you will not be limited to seasonal fruit. You can use the frozen fruit you desire any time of the year and you would not need to add any ice to it either for obvious reasons. The one thing to remember here is that the fruit is frozen, it may not be as sweet as it was unfrozen, so you may have to add a sweetener. There are many alternative sweeteners available, so you can save on adding plain old sugar.

As you would have guessed, you can use any combination of fruits you like, and some may work better than others, depending on your taste buds. But we will tell you a base recipe that we think works the best and then you can tweak it or try something else altogether, depending on how you like this!

The Preparation

You will be choosing fruits of your choice and putting them in the freezer for up to two hours (or less), after slicing them. The fruits, in this case, are cherries. De-seed the cherries and put a single cut through each of them (puncturing them with a knife tip also works). Now lay them out on a cookie sheet and put them in a freezer-safe bag. This is to prevent them from scrunching up and avoiding freezer burns.

Woman Enjoying a Smoothie

Adding a few bananas (two will do the trick) to the smoothie will make it creamier and softer. For this, peel the bananas and remove any other residual sticky stuff. Slice the bananas in a blender-friendly size (½ inch slices are nice), and put them in a separate freezer-safe bag. You can also opt to freeze whole bananas and place them in a similar way into the freezer.

You can add fruit juice to the smoothie directly from the packet, but that might disturb the consistency of the smoothie. So a better idea is to freeze the juice as well. Empty out a large ice tray and pour the juice out in it. Put a thin plastic sheet around the ice tray and put it in the freezer.

Now you can put fruit juice cubes instead of boring ice cubes in your smoothie to make it more interesting. Ice can also water down your smoothie and alter the taste somewhat, and trust us, no one likes watery smoothies!

Variations with Fruits

  • Just like bananas, mangoes, berries, papayas, plums or peaches can also be placed in the freezer similarly. You can use any type of fruit you can think of in a frozen fruit smoothie, provided you store them in the prescribed manner.
  • If you like your smoothie a little tangy, you can use pre-soaked goji berries. Alternatively, you can use strawberries or raspberries instead of cherries for a different texture and taste.
  • If you don’t like your smoothie so thick you have to eat it with a spoon, you can alter its consistency. For those who do not want to compromise on taste, use coconut water instead of plain water.
  • Adding a few drops (and we do mean just a few drops) of vanilla extract can give the smoothie a nice twist. It goes especially well if you are adding bananas.You can also add a single avocado to your smoothie. They are not overpowering and will only add to the mystery of the smoothie.
  • Flax seeds (this is to add nutritional value to the smoothie. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and omega-3 fatty acids).
  • Some greens such as spinach. They contain antioxidants and a lot of other nutrients.

You Will Need

While your fruits are sitting in the freezer, collect the following ingredients on your kitchen top.

Fruit Selection
  • Honey (2-3 teaspoons, depending on how sweet you want the smoothie to be. Also, this is entirely optional.)
  • 1 or ½ cup of yogurt (plain yogurt — regular or Greek — works best since you will be adding fruits and other condiments to it anyway)
  • 1 cup of milk of your choice (you can use any type of milk, skimmed or whole work equally fine)
  • A blender that is versatile enough to go through frozen fruit and yogurt/ milk
  • A fruit juice of your choice (this is optional, but makes the flavor interesting)

For the yogurt, you can either buy it off the shelf from your local supermarket or make your own yogurt at home. You can either buy the regular yogurt readily available at any store or you can make it at home. You can make them using any of the yogurt starter cultures.

You can also use Greek yogurt if you want a smoother, thicker texture. A lot of people prefer Greek yogurt to its regular version because of the many advantages it has over the regular version.

How to Blend

Normally, one would take all ingredients, throw them in the blender, switch it on and off for a few seconds and the smoothie would be ready. But let’s go about it the proper way, shall we? Before you start, you may want to take out the frozen fruit, and let it sit on the tabletop for about 30 minutes so it can thaw.

Fruits and a Blender
  1. 1
    Wash and wipe the blender clean. You don’t want an unintended and unexpected taste in your smoothie.
  2. 2
    Pour the milk in the blender along with the sweetener of your choice and give it a whirl for a few seconds. It is always better to mix the sweetener before you put the other ingredients in because this ensures the sweetener has mixed thoroughly.
  3. 3
    Next, add the yogurt to this mix and give it another whirl. You can determine at this stage how creamy you want your smoothie to be. You can add the fruit juice now (if you wish to).
  4. 4
    Now add the cut frozen fruit to the blender. Do not put all of it at once. Run the blender for a few seconds and put the remaining frozen fruit in it. Blend all the ingredients until you are satisfied with the texture of the smoothie.
  5. 5
    Pour all the contents into a large glass and add the “fruit cubes” to it. Enjoy the variety of flavors that seem to explode in your mouth, one after the other!
Acai Smoothie Bowl


This article explained how to make a smoothie with yogurt and frozen fruit. What we have given here is a basic understanding of how such a smoothie is made. You can choose your own fruits and experiment with other ingredients to get a flavor of your liking. No matter what you add to it, a smoothie is the perfect snack during summer times and keeps you fulfilled and refreshed until the next meal.

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