Can You Warm Up Yogurt? 

 July 16, 2022

By  Diane Miles

Yogurt is best enjoyed cold, though there are some people who enjoy consuming it warm. However, is it good to heat up yogurt?

While it’s possible to enjoy yogurt warm, temperatures above 40C will kill most of the probiotic bacteria and also result in a curdled texture. The best way to warm up yogurt is to place a sealed yogurt container in a bath of warm water.

There are other things to know about warming up yogurt. Read on below to learn more.

Is It Safe To Warm Up Yogurt?

Yogurt is traditionally consumed cold, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed warm. In fact, some people prefer to eat yogurt warm.

But due to the live bacteria and dairy content in yogurt, this fermented food is extremely sensitive to heat.

How to Safely Warm Up Yogurt

Eating warm yogurt can still be nutritious and safe as long as you follow a few precautions:

1. Don’t microwave yogurt.

Contrary to what many people think, microwaving yogurt should be avoided.

Microwaving yogurt is the quickest way to kill off the beneficial probiotic bacteria. These bacteria will die once they are exposed to high heat past 40C. In addition, high heat will also result in curdled yogurt that has been separated because the milk proteins will begin to break apart.

The end result will be yogurt that has undesirable texture and flavor since yogurt is not meant to be exposed to high heat.

2. Use a warm water bath.

A sealed pack of yogurt placed in a bowl of warm water is a safer way to warm up yogurt. Depending on the temperature, it may take 15-20 minutes for cold yogurt to warm up using this method. However, it gives you more control over the temperature while preventing unwanted changes in flavor and texture.

3. Leave yogurt out at room temperature.

Leaving yogurt out to warm up in room temperature will take just 20-25 minutes. It will warm up on its own, and this method will also prevent exposures to high heat, preserving the live bacteria and reducing changes to flavor and texture. 

You can safely enjoy warm yogurt following these guidelines.


Yogurt is still versatile and delicious when it’s warm, whether you eat it as a snack or use it in dips and sauces. Just remember to heat it up gently, and never put yogurt in a microwave.

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