How to Make Greek Yogurt Taste Good 

 September 23, 2020

By  Diane Miles

Over the last few years, Greek yogurt has been a topic of interest among health enthusiasts. Walk into any supermarket chain, and you will find rows and rows and stacks upon stacks of this “wonder” food. Health conscious folk can’t stop raving about how rich it is in protein and other goodies it is packed with. The popularity has become such that people who had shunned dairy are coming back to it in a big way.

But the not-so-big fans complain that most of the healthiest foods out there are either so bland or tasteless that consuming them is considered a chore. And the same can be said about Greek yogurt, because of its acidic fruity or tart taste. While enthusiasts still swear by its “different” taste, a majority of people still find the taste sour and compare it with the traditional sweetness of plain yogurt. Many manufacturers have come up with dessert and fruity flavors, but now even that is getting a bit old. 

It is no denying that the Greek yogurt business has skyrocketed over the last few years with sales going upward of $9 billion, and more manufacturers are scrambling to “milk this cow” as much as they can. Quite a few varieties nowadays are creamier, milkier and well, more delicious. But if you look at the charts at the back of the pack, you will notice that some of them have quite a lot of sugar added to them to get the extra “tang” out, which kills the purpose of a nutritious “health” food altogether.

You can make it healthier by making it yourself with regular yogurt and a Greek yogurt strainer at home and trying different starter cultures to see if you prefer some tastes to others.

If you are determined to make your Greek yogurt tastier, you would have come across lists that tell you that you can add fruit to it. But well, all fruits are not created equal and you will find that just chopping up an apple and mixing it with your plain Greek yogurt is not really helping.

So how can you make Greek yogurt taste good? Let's take a look at some ways we can do this.

We already know that some manufacturers add a considerable amount of sugar to Greek yogurt to get rid of the strong taste. So why not add a sweetener yourself and balance both your taste and health ratio?

For this purpose, you can get 100% raw honey which has no artificial extenders or flavoring. We would recommend using honey because it is one of the best combinations possible; Greek yogurt is packed with proteins and honey has an ample amount of glucose. For you to maintain your endurance and muscle recovery both work like magic.

If you are into intense workouts, the protein in will give you more energy, and the carbohydrates in the honey will help you recover the natural way. This is also one step closer to making plain Greek yogurt taste good.

Cocoa Nibs

For those who like the idea of having a bit of chocolate in your Greek yogurt, but are wary of using dark chocolate because of its sugar content, give cocoa nibs a try. These contain less sugar and are not as processed as dark chocolate; they also contain a bit of caffeine, to give you that extra boost in the morning.

Source: nuts.com

Don’t be misled by excessive information on the Internet, cocoa nibs are not a superfood that you can keep chomping on all day, but they are a rich source of magnesium (reduces the risk of diabetes, stroke or heart failure), fiber (great for gut health) and polyphenols (for the enhancement of anti-inflammatory systems). They can also be a great mood booster.


Strawberries by themselves are not so sweet that they can dampen the taste of your yogurt, but they will add a distinctive texture to it. And their unique taste will certainly enhance the taste of the plain Greek yogurt. Apart from this factor, strawberries are packed with polyphenols (which are also antioxidants), vitamins and fibers, and are absolutely free of sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

They also reduce the risk of heart disease and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Besides, they are packed with powerful antioxidants that inhibit the growth of tumors. They also add bulk to the stool and minimize constipation. They are also not very difficult to find and hence are one of the simplest ways to make plain yogurt taste good.

Don’t Like Sweet? Try This Easy Recipe!

If you have walked the aisles of a supermarket displaying Greek yogurt varieties, you will seldom come across one which is spicy. But you will be interested to know that some communities in the world consume spicy yogurt in their regular meals. We have already tried honey, strawberries, and cocoa, so why not spice the yogurt up a little?

For instance, give powdered cinnamon a try. This delicious spice will not only make the taste good and elevate your mood with its earthy smell, but also has medicinal properties and can also be used as a food preservative. It contains antioxidants, has great anti-inflammatory properties, reduces blood pressure and regulates energy use and metabolism. It also has an amazing anti-diabetic effect and is helpful in reducing the growth of cancer cells.

Other spices that you may want to add to your plain Greek yogurt are nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, and allspice. So Easy!


We all know how healthy this green, creamy fruit is besides being extremely flavorful. Adding it will not only enhance the flavor of the Greek yogurt, but the weight conscious will be pleased to know that it is a natural source of fiber and oleic acid that keep the hunger sated for a long time. It is a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients.

Avocados promote a healthy heart and are a great source of potassium. They also aid in digestion because they contain both insoluble and soluble fiber that keeps this function running smoothly. They also protect your eyes from macular degeneration, cataracts, and other age-related eye diseases. Avocados are great in relieving pain related to arthritis, work towards reducing liver damage and help prevent bad breath too!

And all it takes is avocado in some Greek yogurt!


This crunchy, sweet nut greatly complements the tartness of Greek yogurt. They have a buttery flavor and have made a great accompaniment in many recipes around the world and well, they look great too! They are related to the walnut and are one of the most sought-after nuts because they go with literally any type of food.

Apart from the great taste and texture, pecans have more antioxidants compared to other tree nuts. They are a rich source of zinc, selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and calcium and as a result, offer great health benefits. They improve digestion and promote colon health because they are packed with fibers, prevent constipation and are a rich source of B-complex groups including niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid which together help regulate metabolism.

And if this weren’t enough, they also prevent hair loss and have anti-aging properties. Who would have thought a simple nut could do all that!


If you have tried strawberries in your Greek yogurt and do not care much about their “meaty” texture, the sweet texture of blueberries will tantalize your taste buds. Already popular, blueberries add that little “extra” on your tongue.

These purple-colored berries are considered a “superfood” and were one of the first to be titled so. They are a great source of vitamin C, which is excellent for damage against the cells and helps in the absorption of iron. They are a natural source of phytochemicals, that have proven to protect your body against numerous ailments. 

They are a natural remedy for both diarrhea and constipation and are helpful in urinary tract infections. These berries are nutrition dense and high in fiber. It helps to know that they are low in calories. They are great in lowering bad cholesterol, promoting good skin and the strengthening of bones.

Want to make Greek yogurt delicious? Add a handful of blueberries to it!

We saw some great (and simple) recipes that not only enhance its flavor but also are beneficial for your health. Let us see some more fun and delicious ways to make Greek yogurt taste delicious.

Peanut Butter

Everybody likes peanut butter. Well, not nearly, but the popularity of this perfect breakfast accompaniment cannot be denied. Some even go ahead and say that there are only a few problems in life that peanut butter cannot solve. And what do you know? It goes great with Greek yogurt!

Take a couple of spoons of powdered peanut butter and mix it with some water, to give it a paste-like texture. Now pour this concoction directly into your yogurt and you are done! Remember not to mix the powder directly into the yogurt or it will come out tasting and feeling like dough. If you want your Greek yogurt a little on the sweeter side and you are feeling a little adventurous, add a little raw honey to it. The taste will curl your toes off, guaranteed!

Mix It with Salsa

Try mixing it with salsa. Don’t believe us? Try it! The creamy texture of the Greek yogurt goes very well with salsa, giving it a zesty flavor. You can use it as a dip that goes with anything from tortilla chips or even cut veggies. We urge you to try it with all kinds of salsa, be it spicy, black bean and corn or chunky. This is one delicious dip that you cannot have enough of!

Make Mashed Potatoes Exciting

This will make mashed potatoes taste better, and will add the creamy goodness of Greek yogurt to it. After boiling the potatoes for 15 minutes, mix them with the broth and until they are completely smooth. All that is left to do now is mix the yogurt, a little butter and the spices of your choice. You have created something that is not only tastier than ordinary mashed potatoes but something that is healthier and packed nutrients!

Use It as Alfredo

Regular Fettuccine Alfredo is packed with saturated fats. But don’t let that fact make you shy away from the dish when you can give it a makeover that is healthy using plain Greek yogurt! Yes, we agree it is a rather sneaky way to include Greek yogurt in your diet, but you have to agree, it is a healthy one!


We hope we have given you ample ways on how to make Greek yogurt taste good. We have taken into account both the health and taste factors while we were at it. If you are a health conscious person, always buy a Greek yogurt brand which has the least amount of sugar. There are many brands out there that have stuck to making delicious Greek yogurt in the traditional way, so you will be wise to select one of them.

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