How to Eat Greek Yogurt 

 November 15, 2020

By  Diane Miles

Yogurt is one of the most widely consumed fermented dairy products around the globe. Apart from being tasty, it possesses lots of health benefits too. It is an excellent source of vitamin B, calcium and potassium which in turn improves bowel movements and combats high blood pressure. Being a high calcium and protein source, it is also considered to be a prevention for osteoporosis since it strengthens the bones.

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In different parts of the world, yogurt is consumed in different manners. Even though most of the Chinese population is lactose intolerant, their love for yogurt, especially the ones that contain probiotics, tells a different story. Brazilians eat their yogurt with cereal for breakfast and they like their yogurt flavored. Quite an interesting combination, we believe. On the other hand, the French eat their yogurt as a dessert.

Greek Yogurt vs Normal Yogurt

Greek yogurt, as the name suggests, is a taste from the regions of Greece and was traditionally made from leftover sheep’s milk and eaten after turning it into cheese. Greek-style yogurt is richer and creamier yogurt than normal yogurt as it contains concentrated protein and fats. It is made by straining the regular yogurt to remove the whey, natural layer of watery fat formed on top of the yogurt when kept for too long, from it. In this process, much of the lactose is removed, making it suitable for lactose intolerant people as well. 

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Also, since it is a rich source of protein and has a very minute content of carbs, it is an ideal dessert for those who are aiming to lose weight or prefer healthier options. Greek yogurt is one such snack that can be eaten with any meal at any time of the day. It’s nutritious and is a rich source of protein, calcium, potassium and good fats. Also, it is low in carbs and calories. 

There are plenty of flavors available in Greek yogurt, however, the best and healthiest option is the plain Greek yogurt. Frozen yogurt available in the market contains a lot of sugar, more than what normally health-conscious people would like to eat. This sugar is in addition to the natural sugar that yogurt anyway contains in the process of its making. The recommended level of sugar by the American Heart Association to consume in a day is a maximum of 24 grams. Usually, most of the flavored yogurt available in the market have sugar levels way above this.

For sweet lovers, it is highly recommended to switch to plain Greek yogurt to cut down on their sugar intake and yet be able to enjoy the deliciousness of a dessert. There are different ways, too, in which you can enjoy eating Greek yogurt. Let’s take a look at how to eat Greek yogurt.

How to Eat Greek Yogurt

While it is not rocket science, there can be a lot of questions about how to eat Greek yogurt since it differs in taste and texture as compared to normal yogurt. You can make it interesting by choosing a creamy regular Greek yogurt without flavor. Most popular yogurt brands make these and the texture is rich in cream and thicker.

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Plain Greek yogurt might be a deterrent for some people since it tastes a little more bitter, but to make it easier, you can choose plain 2% Greek yogurt. This is sweeter and thicker, providing a creamier texture and taste. 

To make it easier to digest the bitterness of the plain Greek yogurt, you can add some natural ingredients to it to make a sweet combo. For instance, pick a juicy fruit that you like. It should be naturally sweet and juicy to help cover for the tartness of the plain Greek yogurt. You can add fruits like orange, ripe and juicy berries like blackberries, strawberries, and even grapes.

The natural juiciness of these fruits work wonders on masking the natural bitterness of the Greek yogurt and make it much easier to eat. While it might feel a little strange to combine some of the fruits with it, you can experiment until you find the right combination as per your taste. 

The best part about adding fruits is that you don’t need to add any extra sugar or syrup to sweeten the taste of the Greek yogurt since these fruits contain natural sweeteners that reduce the inherent bitterness of Greek yogurt. However, if you are not satisfied with just adding fruits to it, you can also try to add a pinch of honey or maple syrup to the Greek yogurt. The quantity to add is extremely little, and really depends on your taste buds. The best practice is to add a bit in the beginning and then keep reducing the quantity to get your taste buds to get used to the natural taste of Greek yogurt. 

There is another home remedy that can work well with Greek yogurt. You can add a topping of cinnamon on top of your yogurt. This can be alternated by a low sugar granola bar of toasted oats even. This also gives a bit of crunchy taste to the yogurt. 

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Some of the other ways you can explore how to eat Greek yogurt are:

  • Add buffalo sauce to Greek yogurt and spread it on a flatbread. This is no less than a healthy pizza.
  • You can eat healthy avocado fries and have the Greek yogurt as a dip on the side. A win-win situation, isn’t it?
  • To enjoy the complete experience of having a dessert, you can have Greek yogurt cheesecake with maple syrup on top.
  • For that matter, having blackberries on top of Greek yogurt jar can also make it a rather enjoyable treat.
  • Know those onion dips you love so much? Give it a healthy twist by making it with Greek yogurt.
  • One of the healthiest options could be whole wheat pancakes with Greek yogurt.

There are so many ways in which one can eat Greek yogurt. It’s all about experimenting with the taste while keeping the health factor intact. The intent is mainly to retain all the health benefits while you’re trying to figure out how to eat Greek yogurt.

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