Is Yogurt Vegetarian Friendly? 

 May 28, 2022

By  Diane Miles

Yogurt is one of the most nutritious snacks out there. However, it remains debated whether yogurt is vegetarian or not.

Traditional yogurt made with only live cultures and milk is vegetarian. However, yogurt that is made with gelatin is not vegetarian since gelatin is derived from animal parts. Check the label to be sure yogurt is free from gelatin, though you can also make it yourself to ensure its vegetarian.

Read on to learn more about what makes yogurt vegetarian friendly or not.

Is Yogurt Vegetarian?

Traditionally, the primary ingredients for making yogurt are live cultures and milk. Since vegetarians can consume milk and other dairy products, traditional yogurt that doesn’t contain other ingredients is vegetarian friendly.

On the other hand, many commercial and store-bought yogurt brands add gelatin, an ingredient derived from animal parts that works as a thickener. Any yogurt with gelatin is not suitable for vegetarians. The best way to check if yogurt has gelatin is to read its ingredient list, or make it yourself at home.

Popular Yogurt Brands Without Gelatin

Vegetarians can choose from a wide array of yogurt brands at the supermarket that don’t contain gelatin. Here are some gelatin-free yogurt choices that are available on Amazon:

-   Chobani is a well-loved American food company that is known for their strong sustainability and ethics. They engage in many projects to give back to communities particularly in environmental wellness, social good, nutrition, and diversity. Chobani is one of the most famous yogurt brands that vegetarians can consume because they don’t use any gelatin.

-   Siggi’s is a brand of Icelandic yogurt. They take pride not just in making authentic Icelandic yogurt known as skyr, but they are also all-natural, use simple ingredients, and don’t contain any ingredients that are bad for you, including artificial flavors, GMO, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Vegetarians will appreciate that they don’t use gelatin, and they have plant-based options to choose from too.

-   Oikos is a popular Greek yogurt brand that makes non-GMO, gelatin-free yogurt. Their milk is carefully sourced from partner farms that they support with long-term contracts and fair wages because they care about the environment and people. Oikos is one of the brands trusted by vegetarians for their yogurt.

Popular Supermarket Brands That Contain Gelatin

The next time you shop for yogurt at the supermarket, these are the brands that contain gelatin – which vegetarians may want to avoid:

How To Make Your Own Vegetarian Yogurt

Vegetarians who want to have full control of the quality and ingredients used in their yogurt can make it at home too. Making gelatin-free yogurt at home is simple and easy, as long as you have the right ingredients.

The primary ingredient you will need is a yogurt starter; check out some of these quality starters from Amazon:

The other ingredients you’ll need will depend on the recipe you are following, though it will typically include your choice of milk and optional flavorings. Vegetarian yogurt can be made at home with appliances you already have, or a yogurt maker.


Gelatin-free yogurt is a wonderful snack that vegetarians can enjoy any time of day. It’s a healthy way to add more protein, calcium, and probiotics to your diet.

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